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Taking You to New Heights at Panhandle Helicopter

Located in Panama City Beach

Other Services

Frost Protection

Over the years, frost has cost Florida’s farmers millions of dollars in crop damage. Panhandle Helicopter can help you save your crops from frost. By slowly sweeping over your crops stirring the warmer air layered above the crops, we can help save your fields from economic loss. Helicopters are usually effective for frost protection for up to 50 acres at a time. If your crops are your livelihood and damage to them could mean the loss of your income for the year, helicopter frost protection may be an option for you to consider. Weather conditions will dictate whether or not a helicopter can be effective for frost protection. Cold, windless nights when the radiant heat loss and warmer layering of air above, and colder air near the surface of the ground, cause the frost to settle on the crops are the conditions that a helicopter can help provide protection. A helicopter is not effective on windy nights and a hard freeze. If you have questions, feel free to call and discuss your options. Don’t wait until the night of the forecasted frost to call.

Aerial Patrol

Panhandle Helicopter is always willing to assist land and business owners in patrolling their property from the sky. Sometimes the ground patrolling of large tracts of land isnʼt practical. We can provide aerial observation and security for many different reasons whether it be looking for illegal dump site or other forms of trespassing, but no matter the case, our pilots are ready to help at any time. Power line and pipe line patrol service is available as well. There may be times when only an aerial perspective will be able to get the job done so if you want your eye in the sky, just give us a call for all of your aerial patrol needs.

Environmental and Land Survey

Panhandle Helicopter also provides aerial assistance for land surveys. We can fly you around the property in question and help you get photos from every angle. Aerial inspections and surveys are often required for “due diligence” prior to the transfer of ownership. Aerial surveys can be the most efficient way to determine if there are any concerns such as illegal dump sites or trespassing issues. Our high resolution, digital SLR with GPS data logging can easily aid in the ground reconnaissance of large land tracts.

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