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Taking You to New Heights at Panhandle Helicopter

Located in Panama City Beach


Is there a weight limit?

Yes. There is a limit of 300 lbs per seat. Seating arrangement is determined by the pilot based on the passengers’ weights.

How many people can the helicopter hold?

The helicopter can hold 3 passengers plus the pilot depending on total weight.

Can we take pictures/video from the helicopter?

Yes, in fact we highly recommend it. Also, we have a professional photographer available; please contact us for rates.

Is there an age limit?

No. We have carried passengers only 2 months old and our oldest passenger was 97 years old. People of all ages are able to fly and enjoy. Children less than 24 months old are free. Once a child reaches his/her second birthday they must be in their own belted seat. Sometimes young children don’t understand what’s happening and are frightened by the noise of the helicopter. While our pilots do the best they can with comforting these “unwilling” passengers, it’s sometimes best to have them remain behind.

Can we customize our tour?

Absolutely. If there is a particular thing you want to see let us know. We can accommodate most requests.

Do we have to make a reservation?

You do not have to make a reservation. However, if you choose to take a romantic sunset flight, you will need to reserve it due to high demand of this tour. Appointments for special occasions are welcome.

Can I get dropped off at another location?

Unfortunately, no. Due to FAA regulations, tour operators must return to the point of departure. We are also limited to a 25-mile radius.

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