Panhandle Helicopter Panama City Beach

COVID-19 Updates

The HAI COVID Clean Pledge reads:

As a helicopter operator, we affirm that our highest priority is the safety of our customers, our crew, and the public. We are committed to ensuring that our passengers are protected in every possible manner. Therefore, we pledge to:

• Meet or exceed any applicable federal, state, or municipal regulation introduced to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

• Disinfect our aircraft, according to manufacturer recommendations, between every flight.

• Continuously clean or disinfect our waiting area, our counters, our restrooms, and any other publicly accessible area of our facility.

• Require our flight and ground crews to use masks as long as recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or the World Health Organization(WHO).

• Avoid transporting anyone who is visibly ill during our check-in process.

• Recommend the use of masks to our passengers, making these personal protective equipment (PPE) items available to those who need them.