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Taking You to New Heights at Panhandle Helicopter

Located in Panama City Beach

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is our specialty at Panhandle Helicopter. Our pilots are highly trained in safely positioning the helicopter to assist in capturing the perfect photograph. Before each photo flight, the pilot and customer/photographer talk about the photographs needed which results in a satisfactory photo shoot done in a timely manner. We understand the expenses involved and that a photographer is almost always working under a very tight budget. We do our best to keep your costs down. There are no hourly minimums and we do not charge  for start up and shut downs. We only charge for actual time in the air. You may be surprised how affordable aerial photography might be with Panhandle Helicopter.

We can fly your photographer or we can shoot it for you. We use a gyro stabilized, high resolution digital SLR. The gyro gives us the ability to use a longer focal length lens and allows us to stand off of the subject while still providing a clear photo. We also have the ability to record the GPS coordinates within the digital data for each photograph. This is especially helpful for the aerial survey of large properties, powerlines or pipelines. We can identify the location of the subject without the need for confusing note taking while in flight.

Our many aerial photography clients include Court TV, Offshore Powerboat Racing, Discovery Channel, Roebuck Auctions, E Entertainment Network, Florida Ironman, White Mountain Films, local government agencies, etc.

Please call us at any time at 850.230.2080 and feel free to discuss rates with us.

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